CGS Outline

Intro to our contemporary global society

  • Demographics and Human Mobility
    • Sequent Occupance
    • Major Migrations in Human History 
      • contemporary connection: transmigration in Indonesia
    • Population Patters
      • population pyramids
      • Malthus, neo – malthusians, Boserup; population theories

Culture in our contemporary global society

  • Aspects of Culture: gestures, values, behaviors
    • Fall-out shelter role play
  • Cultural Relativism vs Cultural Absolutism 
    • ethnocentrism
    • case studies: relativism and absolutism
    • cultural behaviors from around the world: relativism and absolutism
  • The Language Mosaic
    • language challenges
      • deciphering a preliterate society 
      • homophones, idioms, slang
      • Japanese and Khoisan: unique language challenges
        • clicks of the Khoisan
        • 4 writing systems of Japanese; kanji, hiragana, katakana and romaji
      • English language dialects: the languages dialects of NJIS interview and map work
      • SMS dictionary
  • The Power of Religion
    • 5 w’s of the major world relgions
    • Religion as a divisive and a unifying force
      • case studies of relgion as a unifying and divisive force
    • Religion and pop culture: The Simpsons

 Economics in our contemporary global society

  • Sectors of Economic Activities
    • Primary, secondary, tertiary (qaternary, quinary)
  • Economics of Agriculture
    • Commercial agriculture
      • CAFO
      • Genetically modified foods
      • Environmental impact
    • Subsistence Agriculture
    • Food consumption journal and log: processed vs non processed foods
  • Economics of Industry
    • Rostows stages of economic development
    • Core – periphery model
    • Globalization and TNC/MNC
      • Case studies of various TNC’s
      • Globalization project
        • globalization of soccer
        • horizontal monopolies
    • Stock market investigation: interdependence of the economic sectors
      • Stock market simulation
      • Analysis of the relationship between stock values, world events and news
    • China controversy: human rights vs economics

Urbanization in our contemporary global society

  • Mental map of world cities
  • Urbanization
    • Development of urban areas
    • Urban models: sector, concentric, multi nuclei
    • Case study comparison: Tokyo, Moscow, and Chicago
    • Focus on transportation: Chicago’s Loop, Kansai Airport
      • Challenge – improve Jakarta’s transportation

Political situation in our contemporary global society

  • Contemporary trends of devolution vs globalization
    • Political Devolution
      • Decolonization and its impact on Asia and Africa
    • Political Globalization
      • Focus on the European Unio
        • “Join our team”
        • Characteristics necessary for EU membership

Human and environmental interaction in our contemporary global society

  • Case studies:
    • The former Soviet Union
      • Aral Sea irrigation and water depletion
      • Acid Rain in Eastern Europe
      • Soft coal residue in urban areas
      • Chernobyl
    • Forest depletion and “The Revenge of the Rainforest”: impact of new diseases in contemporary society
    • Biological pollution and invasive species
  • The world in 50 years?? Future predictions based on past and present trends

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