MWH Course Outline

Maps and the Controversial World of Spatial Relationships

  • Types of maps and their functions
    • special purpose (infinite variety – any data that can be put on  a map) vs. general purpose (physical and political)
  • Maps and Bias
    • historical maps and their inaccuracies
    • modern maps and their inaccuracies
  • Working with various types of maps

The Age of European Exploration and Discovery

  • Motivation to Explore
  • Technological advances that enabled open ocean exploration
  • The Marinheiros and Wind Patterns
  • The Columbian Exchange – the Collisison of two very different worlds (Old World – Eurasia and Africa and the New World – the Americas) – the impact of this event can not be underestimated. It is therefore investigated in detail.
    • food focus
      • the impact of potatos and corn on the Old World
      • travelers food
    • impact of disease on the New and Old Worlds

Revolutions of Society and State

  • Enlightenment and the importance of ideas
    • relativism vs absolutism
    • some philosophy
      • Greeks: the Big Three and the Allegory of the Cave
      • Descartes: I think therefore I am “cognito ergo sum”
      • Mind and Matter Dualism
    • Philosophes: impact of their ideas on leaders of Europe
      • Enlightened Leaders? or Despots?
  • The French and American Revolutions
    • The impact of the French Revolution on European society
    • The American Revolution and the creation of a country based on ideas of the Enlightenment
  •  Art and Music
    • Bach, Beethoven and Mozart; Baroque, Classical, and Romantic
      • Child Prodigy investigation, analysis and contemporary comparison to child stars
    • Art from the Rennaissance to Shock art
  •  The Industrial Revolution
    • Causes
    • Role of inventors and thier inventions
    • Impact of the IR on different classes of society
    • Captains of Industry vs Robber Barons
      • Compare to TNC’s of today
    • Impact of the IR on the environment
      • Introduce biological pollution and invasives in today’s world

The Age of Reform and Expansion 

  • Response/reaction to the Industrial Revolution
  • Reform Acts
  • Darwinism: impact and controversy
    • connection to the present
      • genetic modification of plants and animals
      • eugenics
  • Reform and Expansion in the US
    • Manifest Destiny: “America the Beautiful” – legacy of environemntal use and abuse
    • the “Peculiare Institution” – slavery in a country founded on principles of the Enlightenment
    • Westward Expansion and the causes of the US Civil War
      • Why was the Civil War such a costly confrontation concerning casualties?
    • Legacy of the Civil War
      • Race relations in the US from Reconstruction to the present
      • Urban population map analysis
  • European Expansion and New Imperialism
    • New vs Old Imperialism
    • Nation building, nationalism and imperialism
      • contemporary connection: the irony of the European Union
    • Reform’s role in the New Imperialism; paternalism, ethnocentrism and the “White Man’s Burden” – Kipling poem
    • Europe in Africa
      • the “Dark Continent” a geographical analysis through acting out scenarios
      • legacy of imperialism in Africa
    • British in South Asia
      • Impact of Religion: focus on Hinduism and the caste sytem
      • Jewel of the Crown
    • Europe in East Asia
      • Spheres of Influence
    • Europe in Southeast Asia
      • Indochina
  • Europe on the brink of war: too much power, nationalism and tension
  • WWI: long and short term causes of the First World War

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