MWH Exam Review 0506

Mr. Duell
Final Exam Review 0506

The exam will cover information from the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Reform and Expansion. You need to know why the Industrial Revolution began and how it changed society in a dramatic way (Revolution!). The Age of Reform and Expansion was a reaction to the changes in society due to Industrial Revolution. You need to know specific examples of reform (positive change) in Europe (child labor laws) and areas influenced by Europe (slavery in the US; education reform in India). You also need to know where Europe expanded to and why they expanded to these places (New Imperialism) and the lasting impact they had in these places (legacy).

Know the following terms as they relate to the subject matter included in the above statement.

Industrial Revolution, Reform Movement, expansion, Abolition Movement, Imperialism (new and old), colonization, child labor reforms, labor reforms, women’s rights, Women’s suffrage, education reforms, prison reforms, settlement houses,  prison colonies, US expansion,  Manifest Destiny,  US slavery,  Peculiar Institution,  US Civil War,  Louisiana Purchase,  Missouri Compromise,  States rights,  secession,  Union,  Confederates,  Emancipation Proclamation,  Civil War weapons,  Civil War medicine,  Civil War,  US Civil Rights Movement,  race discrimination,  separate but equal,  segregation,   slavery today,  nationalism,  European nation-state,  balance of power,  British Raj,  Hindu,  South Asia,  Himalayas,  Islam,  Sikh,  Buddhist,  Jain,  caste system,  British East India Co.,  White Man’s Burden,  Jewel of the Crown,  suttee,  cricket,  English education,  Sepoys,  Meiji Restoration,  Extraterritoriality,  Boxers,  Opium War,  Spheres of Influence,  Hong Kong,  Chinese Nationalism,  Dutch East India Co.,  Siam,  Indochina,  paternalism,  ethnocentrism,  “Dark Continent”,  disease in history,  navigable,  Berlin Conference,  David Livingstone,  slave trade,  Darwinism,  survival of the fittest,  salt

Be able to answer the following questions in a well developed paragraph.

Explain the relation between Social Darwinism and Imperialism.

Explain how the argument in the US between States’ rights and a strong national government led to the American Civil War.

Describe the positive and negative impact of Imperialism on the world. Overall, do you think European colonization had a greater positive or negative impact on the world?

Explain the reasons for European Imperialism and give examples of each from different parts of the world.

Why was the US Civil War such a costly war as far as casualties? How does this aspect of the war relate to the Industrial Revolution?

Explain the legacy of Imperialism in the world today and give three specific examples.

Explain the impact geographic features have on where people live and what they do. Be specific, citing three examples from the topics we have investigated this semester.


The discipline of history was created in part to allow people groups to prepare more adequately for the future by studying the causes and impact of past events.

In your opinion which event from the Industrial Revolution through the Age of Imperialism and Nation State building had the greatest impact? In your answer, include the influence the event had on the world today (legacy).

Make sure that you:

  • state your opinion clearly
  • support your opinion with convincing evidence from history
  • use the format of a formal essay
  • write according to the 6 traits

Draw a mental map of the world. Draw in when necessary and label the following geographic features.

Water Features

The four oceans, Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, East Asia Sea, Persian Gulf, Mississippi River, Amazon River, Nile River, Congo River, Ganges River, Huang He River, Yangtze River, Great Lakes

Land Features

Rocky Mountains, Andes Mountains, Alps Mts., Himalayan Mts., Great Plains Amazon Basin, British Islands, Greater Antilles, Malay Archipelago, Japan Archipelago, Florida Peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula, Italian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula, Sahara Desert,Congo Basin, Namib Desert, Malay Peninsula, Indochina Peninsula, Arabian Peninsula, Korean Peninsula, Great Rift Valley






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