Work to do During the Flood Time Off

I hope you all are recovering from the flood. If you are not busy cleaning your houses and have some time to devote to school work here is what you can be doing for Monday – which will be a day 3 – and the week following:


You should be working on the Inventions Project. Come to school ready with an invention and a sketch of the finished project. Consider how you will advertise the product – video commercial, poster, or some other way to convince your classmates to buy the new invention.


You can begin writing a rough draft for a play about some aspect of the Cold War. When you come to class you can compare with your group what your wrote and start working on a final draft of your play. Keep in mind that you will have to act out your play in front of the class and it will be video taped as well!

Is that Andrew Mailool!!. Andrew is such a dedicated student that he took an ocek to school. He tried to convince Mr. Duell to have class even though none of his classmates made it to school. By the time Andrew decided to head home the water had increased so much that the only way he could make it home was on foot!


Be prepared to work hard when we get back on putting together the presentation for the bulletin board on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I have looked at the work you completed and it looks good. Well done!

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